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Dig Deeper Stories

These stories are a glimpse in the lives of those who inspire us and exemplify the meaning of dig deeper.

Bobby Stuckey

Wine & Running

"Running really helps you get in that moment so you're totally 100 percent present." As one of only 255 professionals who have ever earned the title of Master Sommelier and boasting a marathon PR of 2:45, Bobby Stuckey has learned how to balance marathon training with operating the prestigious Italian Restaurant, Frasca Food & Wine. Learn about Bobby’s path toward his success as a Master Sommelier and restaurant owner and how running kept him focused.

Emma Coburn

Home Town Hero

Not even Emma Coburn, the 2017 IAAF World Champion steeplechaser, is immune to race day nerves. How did an anxious, small town athlete become a world champion? We caught up with Emma Coburn in her home town of Crested Butte, Colorado to get a glimpse of her life after winning Gold and why starting the Elk Run 5k is so important to her.

Alysia Montaño

Olympic Mom

Only mothers know the feeling of bringing a precious new life onto this earth. The bond that forms between a baby and mother is like nothing else. It’s no secret that motherhood comes with a full dose of incredible challenges. The emotional and physical efforts of raising an infant and fostering a young life into the wonders of this world are hard enough. Doing this while trying to make an Olympic Team is on another level. Meet USA Olympian, wife, mom to two, mentor and badass “Wonder Woman” – Alysia Montaño!

Cat Bradley

Finding Your Place

Cat Bradley was relatively unknown when she upset a deep field, including three past champions—who were all having great seasons—and several high-placing finishers from the year before, when she won the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in 2017.