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WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Genevieve Lacaze

We are so proud of the many ROLL Recovery ambassadors that represented different countries at the 2015 World Championships! One of those is Genevieve Lacaze, an Australian 3000m Steeplechaser that just missed the final, but had an incredible run this year. How did she prepare for the race? Well aside from months of hard training, she shared with us one of her favorite hard workouts to fine tune her speed and work on her weaknesses as a runner.
What is your favorite workout?

I enjoy short, faster reps on the track like 400m reps. I enjoy to really be challenged with quick 400ms on short recovery. One that we have done a few times is 3 sets of 4 x 400ms on 30 sec recovery. We usually do them all the same pace, but the 3rd rep of every set has to be a few seconds quicker. This would be my favourite because I spend a lot of my training doing a lot of endurance based efforts.

How do you feel it benefits you?

I am a very aerobic athlete so I need to make sure I really test my anaerobic levels sometimes. I need to teach my body to deal with lactic acid so these short fast sessions teach me to buffer the lactic acid to get ready for the next rep

Nutrition-wise, how do you prepare and recover?

I actually can’t eat too much before I train. I like to have energy but can’t put a whole lot in my stomach. The most I would have for a morning session would be a banana with a little bit of peanut butter for energy. Due to the fact I can’t eat much before, I am big on refueling with protein powder and protein bars after my sessions. I will always pack it in my bag so immediately after I am consuming enough carbs and protein to recover the muscles that have broken down during training.

How do you recover before your next workout?

It’s a full time job training as an professional athlete so recovery is so important. Between sessions and training days I try to rest my body as much as possible. It’s important to stay off your feet when ever you get the chance so I try to fill my time with naps and cafe visits! 🙂 I also like to have Friday’s completely off to allow my body to rest up and be prepared for the big weekend of training.


What is your favorite quote to get you through a hard workout?

“Work to get better, not to get done”- unknown.