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Do you ever wonder how Jeremy Wariner holds his lightening fast speed for the entire 400m? We do! He’s a 3X Olympic gold medalist— 400m (2004) & 4X400 (2004 and 2008) and has 5 World Championship gold medals as well— 400m (2007 & 2007) & 4X400 (2005, 2007, 2009).

His personal records include 43.45 in the 400m (3rd fastest of all time) and 20.19 in the 200m. Today we have one his favorite & most difficult workouts to share. This one helps him fine tune the last 200m of his race—making sure no one can out-kick him in the final stretch. These fast 350’s provide cardiovascular gains, improving just how long this type of effort can be sustained. Well, how long Jeremy Wariner can sustain this pace, certainly no one in the ROLL office can sustain it! (We tried around the office, 28 second 200m might be our max). So how does he stay fast that last 200 when others get booty-lock? He shared a few of his secrets with us:
3×350.  24seconds at the 200. 44 seconds at the 350m.  5min rest in between each one.

Why you do it:
It helps work on my speed endurance and helps with my last curve for my race.

What hurts tomorrow:
Pretty much everything from hips down.  Mainly glutes.

When will it benefit you (last 50 meters of the race, start, etc.):
It will benefit me from 200m to the finish.
Difficulty level (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most difficult):
This all depends on how my body is feeling that day.  Some days it’s a 5 but most days it’s about a 4.
Should other runners try it at home?
Yes they can try to do this if they are competitive in the 400m.  But I would slow the time down.  Still can do the 5min rest.   The point of the workout is to hit 20 seconds or faster on the last 150m. But if you are slowing the pace then the last 150 would be slower also.  So I would say try 30 seconds at the 200 and probably 55 at the 350 which would give you a 25 last 150.  But if you think you can handle the last 150 under 20 then go for it.  Start off by trying it at 30 sec at the 200 and 50 at the 350.  Good luck!

When do you enjoy it?
I usually don’t enjoy this workout while I’m doing it.  But after it’s completed I enjoy the whole thing because I know I worked hard and made it through.