Santa's Christmas Training Program

Ever wonder how Santa trains for traveling all over the world in one night? ... This year we wanted to capture Santa's favorite workout. And it just so happened he was doing an altitude training camp in Boulder, CO. Many world class athletes, Olympic and World Champions come to our town to train. But nobody has seen anyone or anything quite like this.

He recommends the below regimen if you want to get on his level:

1. Cycle, refuel with Milk, roll out.

2. Run, refuel with a cookie (preferably chocolate chip), stretch.

3. Hill sprints, don't let anyone get in your way, deep tissue massage. 




Santa: Jeremy Nelson, Founder
Mrs. Claus: Adriana Nelson, Co-Founder
Track Runner Falling: Akis Medrano, Operations
Track Runner: Sean Daugherty, Sales Support

Ho-Ho-Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!