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Our friends at Aire Libre Running wrote about their most recent adventures and how we got to be a part of it.

We Got By With a Little Help from Roll Recovery.

Patagonia & Baja Sur with Aire Libre Running.

During the end of December 2019 and again in February 2020 we had the fortune to lead two life-changing running experiences, one in the Patagonia Lake District in Chile and another in Baja California Sur in Mexico respectively. These two running experiences were part of what we passionately do in Aire Libre Running.

We design and operate thoroughly curated travel experiences for runners of all levels that aim to bring human beings into close contact with a more profound essence of living. We believe this is achieved through the renovation of our relationship to ourselves, to nature, and to the people and cultures around us. Our retreats, getaways and sessions are designed to break you free from the noise of daily life, and to allow for your body and mind to reset while gaining new perspectives through deep, transformative travel.

For the Patagonia and Baja Sur experiences we had the honor to partner up with Roll Recovery. It was a natural collaboration since their rehabilitation tools fit perfectly into all our activities. Their products added a great deal of value to all participants since we used them repeatedly to recover after all our running sessions, and to prepare ourselves for the running that still lay ahead. The R8 and R3’s got passed around like a pack of Oreo cookies from participant to participant, each one eagerly waiting their turn.

The Lake District, Patagonia Retreat took place from December 26th, 2019 to January 2nd, 2020. We were an incredibly diverse group of 18 runners from all corners of the world. Our trail- running paths took us from coastal towns to snow-drizzled volcanoes, Pacific fjords, lush rainforests and deep blue lakes hidden in the Andes mountains. During this retreat we also had the opportunity to experience Chilean culture, cuisine and nature at its finest.

The Baja California Sur Getaway took place from the 14th through the 17th of February, 2020. Again and as usual with every Aire Libre Experience we were a very diverse group of 15 runners, this time also diverse in ages, and from various parts of the world. The Baja Sur Getaway is based out of Rancho Chivato, a conservation-focused, solar-powered ranch. Together with renowned spiritual guide and active trail-runner Patricia Baro, we developed a dedicated yoga, meditation and Ayurveda program containing the central elements for inner peace, self-knowledge and good living. Through running, we explored Baja California's mountains and beaches through a network of stunning single-track trails that connected us to the different campsites within the ranch.
Ultimately, we reached our objective in both experiences. We were able to transform lives in a positive and impactful way while establishing strong connections to nature and other cultures. We were especially proud to see many new additions to our diverse and global community of like-minded runners. Only this time, compared to previous experiences, we had a cherry on top: the best tools to enhance recovery, Roll Recovery R8 and R3’s– precisely designed to do what we need the most in our experiences, keep moving!


Mauricio Díaz, Aire Libre Co-Founder

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