World Champ EMMA COBURN & TEAM BOSS Workout

A couple weeks ago we got exclusive access to Team Boss, an elite distance running team, and World Champion Emma Coburn.  We spent a day on the track with them seeing how they workout and recover.  
The workout overview
On this day, the team was doing a threshold run followed by speed maintenance.  With their race season in the Spring and Summer, many athletes focus on threshold runs early in the season to build a strong foundation for the year and incorporate speed work to maintain speed during the offseason.
The workout details
-5 x 1 Mile with 400 jog
-5 x 200 with 200 jog
Takeaways for you
Not all of us are World Champion and Olympic-caliber runners, but that shouldn’t stop you from incorporating this type of workout into your routine.  Incorporating light threshold work into your normal routine can help you improve your lactate threshold, helping you maintain a higher-intensity pace before becoming tired. Adjust as needed to your level of conditioning.
Emma Coburn Workout Tips
Before and after their workout, Emma and her teammates used the Stretchmat and the R8+ to warm up and cool down to help their muscles recover for their next session.
Emma Coburn Favorite Recovery Products
The ultimate recovery massager.  Featuring a compression deep tissue massage with adjustable intensity for just the right pressure.  Our best selling product with 200,000+ sold.
Emma Coburn R4 Body Roller
Designed to be the most effective foam roller on the market, the R4 features a center groove to align the neck and spine and a curved, anatomical profile to hit all the right spots.
Emma Coburn Warmup
Your personal basecamp.  A professional athlete favorite, the STRETCHMAT™ features a grippy and waterproof bottom surface, high-dense foam cushioning and a soft-touch top surface, perfect for your warmup stretch routine.