Runners travel across the globe to be a part of world-renowned ultramarathon Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc that spans France, Italy and Switzerland.

In the spirit of this epic race, we’re giving away:

  • $1,000 Cash towards your own adventure
  • $150 HOKA ONE ONE
  • $119 ROLL Recovery R8
  • Essential Gear from CLIF Bar & Lonely Planet


Get to know one of Hoka One One Run Specialty Sales Reps - Brandon!

H-1 Full Name: Brandon Michael Hosch Hometown: Epworth, IA Currently Living: Boulder, CO Birthday: November 9th, 1991 Profession: Run Specialty Sales Rep for Hoka One One
How long have you been working for Hoka One One?
1.5 years
What do you love about Hoka One One?
The amount of fun we have for being in a serious business like running shoes. I mean, we put people in marshmallow costumes, that’s awesome! And speaking of…I’m still waiting for mine, marketing team. Halloween is only a few weeks away!
Favorite memory about working for Hoka One One so far?
Having to work the Olympic Track Trials in 2016. It was a rare event to even go and I was able to meet our athletes and watch them compete. DSC_0231
Favorite Hoka One One training shoe?
Challenger ATR 3
Favorite Hoka One One race shoe?
Tracer 2
Favorite Hoka One One apparel piece?
Our Rabbit collaboration All-Around Pant. Rabbit makes incredibly soft products and the pants are soft and stretchy enough where I’d probably start a store fight for the last pair.
Why do you make time to recover?
Because injuries are the worst. No amount of hurt from a workout will be worse than being sidelined from training. H-2
Why do you use the R8?
I use the R8 to make sure I’m feeling fresh for my next run. I’ve been putting more miles in the last few weeks, and I’ll take any advantage I can get to keep the mileage streak alive.
Favorite place to run in Boulder?
Gold Hill! It’s so peaceful to get away from traffic and noise. DSC_0112
What do you like about living in Boulder?
Definitely the people. It’s great having a chance to personally interact with world class athletes and know that they’re down to earth and friendly.
What are three random fun facts about you?
Oh man, I mean everything can be random given the right (or wrong) context. Let’s see here:
  • I am the only family member in my immediate and extended family not living in the Midwest.
  • I’ve completed the Tex-Ass challenge at Voodoo Doughnut.
  • I once made the local news in their “Golden Klutz Awards” for tripping over the last barrier in a steeplechase race. To make it worse, I was about to win.