PRESS RELEASE: Introducing our new R8

February 3, 2018 New R8 - Carbon Black Boulder, Colorado — ROLL Recovery today released the new R8, a fully redesigned and improved iteration of the original R8. When launched back in 2012, the original R8 became widely popular with athletes across the board - from endurance athletes to NFL players. ROLL Recovery set out to improve upon every feature, component, material and functionality with the new R8 for the ultimate experience for the end user.
“We are so excited to announce the new R8. We’ve spent the past two years rethinking everything on the R8 and how to improve it to make the best product we’ve ever made,” said Jeremy Nelson, ROLL Recovery’s Founder and Product Designer. “The original R8 exceeded our expectations with the type of athletes that were drawn to it’s design. It has started to feel like it’s becoming an iconic product - and that put the pressure on with the new R8 to deliver something everyone would love.”
One of the main features of the new R8 is the reconfigured spring design. The original R8 used a torsion spring to generate the deep tissue massage force. The new R8 now uses a linear extension spring to deliver a more uniform feel that’s consistent no matter the size of your body. Another exciting new features is the interchangeable R8-Inserts. This allows the user to customize the feel of their R8, depending on if they want a deeper feel or a softer touch. Coming soon are the Super Plush and Super Deep. (COMING SOON) R8 Inserts / Super Plush shown in Glacier White and Super Deep in Boulder Black.
Every pivot point on the New R8 incorporates ball bearings for years of smooth operation. The hardware now uses thicker and more durable stainless steel hardware threaded into brass inserts, for a tight fit. The New R8 now comes with a custom R8 Tool to use for changing out the R8 Inserts and for general maintenance needs, such as tightening hardware.
R8 Tool / Precisely designed maintenance tool for routine check up and tightening. Packaging / Designed for the ultimate user experience and in-store display. The size of the new R8 has increased about 10% to account for the demand from larger athletes in the NBA, MLB, UFC, NFL and NHL . The handle design now features an overmold of soft TPU for a more comfortable feel and overall structure has been reinforced with an improved design for strength and durability. The R8 has proven to be a vital component to athletes training and recovery routine. The new R8 takes recovery to a new level. Availability & Pricing / R8 will start shipping out of ROLL Recovery HQ February 12, 2018. Starting at an ROLL Recovery retail price of $129.00 (US).