PRESS RELEASE: On Athletics Club

OAC Training Camp in Scottsdale, AZ + New R8 Custom - Feb 8 2021
Boulder, Colorado, Feb 15 2021 – ROLL Recovery, a leader in recovery and athletic performance and innovators of deep tissue massage therapy, today announced their partnership with On Athletics Club (OAC), a Boulder based training group comprised of world class track and field athletes and coached by three-time U.S Olympian and former American Record Holder, Dathan Ritzenhein. ROLL Recovery and OAC have partnered to develop a state-of-the-art recovery and performance facility for the athletes of OAC as they prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
“We are so excited to be partnering with On Athletics Club as they prepare for the Olympics this summer,” says ROLL Recovery Founder Jeremy Nelson. “When the opportunity presented itself to help design a space for OAC it was something we were absolutely thrilled about. As a company it's been our mission to help athletes everywhere stay healthy and chase their dreams so we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with OAC and coach Dathan Ritzenhein as they gear up for the Olympics.”
The mission of OAC is to develop and support a group of talented and disciplined individuals in their quest to become champions in their sport. Their current roster includes Oliver Hoare, Leah Falland (O'Connor), Carlos Villarreal, Emily Oren, Alicja Konieczek, George Beamish, Alicia Monson and Joe Klecker.
“Our partnership with ROLL Recovery in designing a training and recovery space has given the OAC a home base as they prepare for the Olympics Games and beyond,” says Coach Ritzenhein. “A top priority when we formed the team was to give them the supportive environment needed as world class athletes. This space gives them the tools they need to keep training hard everyday to be their best.”
The Olympic Games will begin Friday, July 23 2021 and will go through Sunday, August 8 2021. To follow the progress of OAC and their latest updates you can check here.