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Hometown: Dallas, Texas Currently Living: Boulder, Colorado Birthday: February 9, 1989 RUNVENTURE GIVEAWAY - bw1 Why did you write Run The World?
I wrote Run the World as a big “thank you” to the countless people who hosted me, ran with me, and showed me around their small corners of the world during the year I traveled. It’s hard to capture my experiences on paper, but I wanted to at least try to convey the doors that running has opened for me, and what it can do for others too.
What are the top three things you can't go without on a RUNVENTURE?
I’m a minimalist when it comes to running. As long as I have my shoes on and a vague idea of where I’m headed, I’m good to go!
What inspired you to travel?
I’ve gained so much from running—friendships, discipline, and structure, among much more—and I was curious about the sport's influence in the lives of people like me all around the world. I’m also very curious and adventuresome, so I was excited to explore new places, try new foods, and connect with cool people in interesting places.
Is there a connection between your running, writing and traveling? How do they help fuel each other in your life?
Running and writing are two of my greatest passions and outlets. I feel like I can work on both forever and still enjoy them and find ways to improve. I think that running, writing, and traveling are great complements because they all seem to feed off each other while giving me a greater perspective on the world around me.
When you get to a new place how to do you plan your run?
I always try to get a recommendation from a local, or better yet, find one to run with!
Where's your favorite place you've run in Colorado?
Why My favorite trail in Boulder is Davidson Mesa, which is a convenient mile from my front door. Even though I run there all the time, the views of the mountains ahead and the little valley below put me in a peaceful state of mind and remind me of why I love this sport so much.
Where's your favorite place you've run in the US?
Why My favorite places to train in the US are White Rock Lake in Dallas, Rice University in Houston, and the Canal in Phoenix. They aren’t necessarily the most scenic spots, but I’ve logged so many miles with so many special people in those places and I just really enjoy going back to each of them.
Where's your favorite place you've run in the world?
Why My favorite place to run in the world is Mount Entoto in Ethiopia. It’s a grueling, undulating, super high-altitude run, but so worth the effort because of the stunning landscape, the friendly locals I often link up with, and the sense of strength I get each time I complete that run.
What's your favorite you've raced in Colorado?
Why I’m still new to the Colorado racing scene but am looking forward to exploring the many local road races that seem to go on (and attract awesome competitors too) year-round!
What's your favorite you've raced in the US?
Why It’s hard to pick just one race because I’ve enjoyed so many of them! The Houston Marathon this past January was one of my favorites because I trained there for 10 years, I have a great relationship with the race staff, and my coach and family were all about to be there.
What's your favorite you've raced in the World?
Why Finland, Ireland, and New Zealand hosted some really memorable races while I traveled. All of them were in unfamiliar but beautiful territory and gave me a new perspective on some of the places I was visiting.
RUNVENTURE GIVEAWAY - bw3 Favorite ROLL Recovery product?
Favorite Janji apparel piece?
Camila Sports Bra
Favorite ClifBar flavor?
The whole CLIF Nut Butter Filled line


I got engaged a few weeks ago! I’m one of two sets of twins, born 20 months apart. I tap danced until I went to college. RUNVENTURE GIVEAWAY - bw4