R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™
R8 Plus™

R8 Plus™

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Introducing the R8 Plus™. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and designed the next evolution of R8™. Dial in the perfect amount of deep tissue massage force with the adjustment dial. With a Patented integrated mechanism hidden in the frame we designed the R8 Plus™ to be easy to use, reliable, and built with the highest quality of materials. Use the adjustment dial to reduce or increase the force as needed for the perfect feel. An FDA Registered Medical Device, the R8 Plus™ targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, gluteus, arms and more. It takes the work out of rolling and is compact enough to take anywhere.

FDA Registered Medical Device #D229174

• Adjustable deep tissue massage force
• Improves circulation and reduces inflammation
• Breaks up muscle adhesions for myofascial release
• Built to last with the highest quality materials

• Dimensions: 12.5” x 9.5” x 2.5” (31.75cm x 24.13cm x 6.35cm)
• Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg)
• Box Dimensions: 14” x 11.5” x 3.5” (35.6cm x 29.2cm x 8.9cm)
• Box Weight: 5lbs (2.27kg)
• Stainless steel hardware
• Ball Bearings in all moving pivot points
• FDA Registered Medical Device
• TSA Approved

International customers, please read shipping information.

R8 Plus 

• Adjustable dial to customize force with a hidden, patented mechanism hiding in the frame, R8 Plus can get up to 50% less intense and 15% more compression force than the Standard R8.

• For anyone looking for more versatility

• Great for a team, family, or couple. The R8 Plus will enable you to accommodate the rolling needs of each and every user.


• No adjustable dial for force and don’t mind using the handles to adjust pressure.

• Designed for those who are used to a deep massage and don’t need to start with a very low massage force nor do they need to increase the intensity to create a very deep massage.

Features in common:

• Available in three colors: Carbon Black, Alpine White, and Lava Red

• Compatible with SuperDeep & SuperPlush inserts

For anyone looking for more versatility, we would highly recommend the R8 Plus. If you’re worried the pressure from the standard R8 is going to be too aggressive, you’ll find comfort in the softer, less aggressive roll of the R8 Plus. If you’re looking to really get in deep and possibly break up some scar tissue or muscle adhesions, you can turn the dial up on the R8 Plus and really work those areas. 

Adjust Dial to Customize Force.

Hidden in the frame is a patented mechanism to change force.

Dial in for the Perfect Feel.

Start off easy and gradually increase the force as needed.

Built to Travel.

The R8 Plus was designed to be compact, durable and made with the best materials, for wherever your path might take you.

FDA Registered Medical Device.

FDA Registered, the R8 Plus is used and recommended by therapists and practitioners. User your HSA/FSA account to purchase an R8 Plus.

Use Before and After.

Activate your muscles before heading out and feel the difference.

Wide Range of Intensity.

On the lowest setting, the R8 Plus is relaxing and gentle. On Max, it's the opposite of relaxing and gentle.

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