ROLL Boston Tee


Introducing our limited edition Major Marathon Series shirts.

From Hopkinton to the Brandenburg Gate, our exclusive designs celebrate the 26.2 mile journeys runners conquer all around the world.

Dig Deeper up Heartbreak Hill and dunk those donuts.

Get your special edition BOS Tee, printed on our Vintage Blue, semi-stretchy, semi-wicking, full-awesomeness ROLL tee.

Jeffrey Eggleston BOS Pro Tip 1

Train your legs to run efficiently downhill.

Jeffrey Eggleston BOS Pro Tip 2

Get through the Newton Hills feeling good. How you come off of Heartbreak Hill can decide your race.

Jeffrey Eggleston BOS Pro Tip 3

It’s Boston, so be prepared for anything, especially with the weather.

Lindsay Flanagan BOS Pro Tip 1

With the first 10k being a gradual downhill, it’s easy to get overly excited and go out quicker than planned. Do your best to hold back and keep a conservative pace during these first miles-your body will thank you later on!

Lindsay Flanagan BOS Pro Tip 2

The Crowds at the Boston Marathon are absolutely incredible. When you start to get tired, draw energy from those cheering you on-their energy is contagious.

Lindsay Flanagan BOS Pro Tip 3

The big hills start around mile 17 when you make the right turn by the Firehouse. Try and get to this point feeling strong by keeping a steady pace through the early and middle stages of the race.

Matt Hensley BOS Pro Tip 1

Run by effort/feel not by splits.

Matt Hensley BOS Pro Tip 2

Train on hills correctly to have the structural integrity to handle the course.

Matt Hensley BOS Pro Tip 3

Embrace the uncertainty of race day conditions and execute you game plan.

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  • 32 Single 145g/4.3oz 50%
  • Poly 25% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 25% Rayon
  • Fabric: Tri-Blend Jersey