Duane Solomon is one of the best 800m runners in U.S. history. With a PR of 1:42.82, he ranks as the #2 best 800 runner in U.S. history, and #22 on the all-time world list. Duane, in his epic 2012 year, claimed a number of PR's on his way to earning a trip to the 2012 London Olympics. In the fastest 800m race ever run (David Rudisha set the 800m World Record), Duane earned a 4th spot finish with a new PR. He's run in the IAAF World Championships multiple times, and is the 2013 USATF Outdoor Champion in the 800m. How will Duane sharpen up going into an Olympic year? Here is his favorite hard workout, one that tests his limits while challenging fitness. 02852c06-293b-483d-b98d-ea8a9ce3e59e What is your favorite motivational quote? My coach always tells me " You will hurt if you go out slow, you will hurt if you go out fast. I would rather hurt going out fast, knowing that i gave my best effort then going out slow, racing bad and still hurting in the end.
What is your favorite hard workout?
My favorite hard workout are my time trial days which usually consist of short interval stuff before hand, then an all out 700, afterwards finishing off with some more short interval things.
What do you feel it benefits?
This helps gauge my fitness before a very important race and helps boost my confidence before hand.
When do you like it? (Before, during, the last half, not until it's over, etc.)
The best feeling after this type of workout is after, once coach tells me my time and i know that i am ready for anything.
Do you do best with other people running with you during the workout, or is it best done solo?
I can run just as fast solo as I can with training partners, but some of my best workouts have come from running solo.
Do you recommend other runners try it?
I believe all elite runners should participate in time trials, because it is very important in seeing where you are in that particular monthly cycle. its the next best thing behind actually racing.
What do you do for recovery after this workout and before your next?
I take a really old school approach to recovery and don't really use any high tech machinery. I rest my body and do light stretching, because I notice that I recover at a much quicker rate then most. Now that I have my new roll recovery gadgets, I have been adding them to my recovery routine as well.
Photos via USATF.