GIVEAWAY: StretchMat

This Saturday, April 29th 2017, Neely Gracey is racing in the Capitol City Half Marathon and she's giving away one of our StretchMats to the person who best guesses what time she'll run!

How do you enter to win?

  • Follow @rollrecovery & @neelygracey on Instagram.
  • Comment on Neely's post (before race day 7:55 AM EST) with what time you think she'll run this weekend for 13.1 miles.
One winner (US only) will be contacted via Instagram DM (Direct Message) by Neely on Monday, May 1st 2017. GIVEAWAY- Social Logo2


Meet Neely Spence Gracey

  • Hometown: Shippensburg, PA
  • Currently Living: Lafayette, CO
  • Birthday: April 16, 1990
  • Weekly Mileage: 80-100
  • Race Distance(s): 5k-Marathon
  • PR(s): 5k-15:25, 10k-32:16, 15k-49:47, 13.1-1:09, 26.2-2:34
What's your stretching routine before and after runs?
"Probably not as good as it should be. Before I go for a run, I use my R3, my foam roller to crack my back, and a stretchy band to activate my glutes. I keep the R8 and StretchMat in my car for before or after a run so if I drive somewhere to workout, I can get in my stretching on the go!"
Where's your favorite place to run?
"Colorado! Honestly, I wake up every day so happy I live here."
Why do you run workouts at Davidson Mesa Trail Head?
"The views, duh. HAHA. But seriously, I like the rolling terrain for longer tempos. It is a perfect 3mile loop so I can really find a good groove. The crushed gravel surface is ideal for lowering impact while running hard. I have been doing workouts at Davidson since 2010 and it never gets old."
What do you do besides run 80-100 miles a week?
"My husband, Dillon, and I have an online coaching business called Get Running. I went to college to become a coach, and in 2013 I started the business. It continues to grow and each year I gain more experience and become a better coach which in turn has helped my become a better athlete. Click here to learn more and join the team."
Why do you support Adidas, PowerBar and ROLL Recovery?
"The partnership I have with Adidas, PowerBar, ROLL Recovery, and my other sponsors all of one major thing in common. Genuine faith in the products. I am a person of integrity, and I will only work with companies and products that I truly use and believe in. I am so grateful for the support of my sponsors, and I can only hope that they value having me be a part of their team."
Favorite ROLL Recovery product. Why?
"This is such a hard question! The one I use th emost is the foot roller, the R3. I have had so many other brands and nothing else does the trick. It is easy to travel with, and a lot of my injuries are in my feet so the R3 really helps to prevent anything from flaring up."
Favorite Adidas shoe and apparel piece. Why?
"I LOVE the Adidas Adizero Boston Shoes. These are the shoes I race in, and they have carried me to my top American finish at the 2016 Boston marathon, and my 8th place finish at the 2016 NYC marathon. The Salmon singlet I am wearing in some of the photos is one of my favs. I love the bright color, and it's light weight material fits just right."
Favorite PowerBar product. Why?
"My favorite PowerBar product is the Strawberry Banana Gel. I take one before every race, and during every long run. (I will use it during my next marathon too). It is the only flavor/brand I have found that doesn't upset my stomach or give me a side stitch!"

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