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Their mission is to create gear and experiences that make people live the joy of progression of their sport(s) throughout their unique mindset - #TimeToPlay. Also, learn about badass Boulder trail runner & Salomon athlete, Addie Bracy. DSC_0181

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A ROLL Recovery R8. A pair of Salomon Sense Ride.

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Meet Addie Bracy

  • Hometown: Summerfield, North Carolina
  • Currently Living: Boulder, Colorado
  • Birthday: August 4th, 1986
  • Weekly Mileage: These days my mileage hangs out around 75 - 80 miles per week. For many years until recently I averaged closer to 95 miles each week.
  • Race Distance(s): Everything! Over the last 10 years, I have moved around between the marathon, steeplechase and 10k. I started competing on the trails a year ago and since then I have run everything from a 10k to a 50k.
  • PR(s): 3k steeplechase - 9:53, 5k - 15:45, 10k - 32:37, Marathon - 2:35
G.S.ABwebWhen did you start running?
I started jogging with my dad when I was pretty young, but I would say I started actually training and competing in 7th grade. We would do road races every weekend during the fall and then I competed on my middle school track team in the spring and fell in love with racing. Since then, I've never really stopped!
Why did you convert to trail running a year go?
After college, I kept training and racing to see how far I could go in the sport, but I always said when I reached a point where I was no longer improving that I would quit before I would let myself get too frustrated at the sport that I love so much. During last track season, it had been over 2 years since I had PRed in any event, at any distance. I began to notice that my love for the sport was starting to die a little bit. I decided I would rather call my racing days done than find myself resenting running. I intended to take a complete break (most likely a permanent one) from training and competing when someone suggested that I run the USA Mountain Running Championships. I was still in decent shape since my track season had just ended so I decided to do it for fun and a chance to find some enjoyment in running, again. It was an event I had never tried before and I hadn't had an opportunity to try something new in the sport of distance running in a very, very long time. I didn't think that I would win that race but doing so definitely changed my life and relit a fire that had been out for a long time. Now, I keep racing and competing on the trails and mountains because I genuinely love it. I love the challenge, the scenery, and the serenity of going out into nature for several hours by myself.
Top 3 places to run in Boulder?
I love running from Eldorado Canyon. The trails offer so much variety in a short span and you get a little bit of everything in a 7 or 8 mile run. Any of the trails from Chautauqua are amazing. They can be crowded, but the views from the top of Bear Peak or Green Mountain are definitely worth weaving around the hikers and out-of-towners. I also spend quite a bit of time running some of the trails in Lyons. Hall Ranch is probably my favorite as it's not as highly trafficked as the Boulder trails and it can feel like you have the mountains to yourself.
Why do you like to run at Mount Sanitas?
Mount Sanitas is such a fun trail because, to me, it's probably the quintessential Boulder trail. It seems most locals I meet want to know how fast I can run up Sanitas. It's also a pretty tough trail for how short it is so for those of us that like to throw in some intense suffering to training, Mount Sanitas can be a good place to get that done.
Favorite Salomon shoe?
I definitely choose my shoe wisely depending on the type of terrain I am going to be running but if I had to pick an overall favorite shoe it would be the S-Lab Sense Ultra. It's a great "go-to" shoe for any type of run.
What do you like about the Sense Ride?
I like the responsiveness of the Sense Ride. Some trail shoe models can be fairly stiff and for a very good reason. When you're running some technical terrain, you certainly want something secure and durable. But, there are definitely times when I appreciate the playfulness and flexibility allowed by a shoe like the Sense Ride. Especially coming from a road running background.
Favorite ROLL Recovery product?
I love the R8. It's been a staple in my household of competitive runners for a long time. In fact, we have several so that we don't fight over them.
What do you like about the R8?
I like the convenience of the R8. It's so easy to slip it into a backpack to take along for a workout or when traveling for a race. I also feel like I can use it for any kind of body work. If something is really bugging me or I tweaked something on a training run, I can use it to really get in and work the problem spot. But, it's also great just for a light, a quick flush of my legs after finishing up some hill repeats or to loosen things up before a track workout.