We're partnering with SOS Hydration, an advanced hydration drink for active lifestyles. Laura Thweatt - born, raised and continues to train in Colorado - is giving away products from two of her sponsors! Starts Monday, March 13th and ends Friday, 17th 2017 12:00 PM MST.

How do you enter to win?

  • Follow @rollrecovery, @sosrehydrate, and @lthweatt on Instagram.
  • Like the GIVEAWAY image(s).
  • Tag the buddy you’d share your winnings with in the comments.
  • Two sets of winners will be contacted via Instagram DM (Direct Message).

What you and your buddy could win?

  • 2 ROLL Recovery StretchMats
  • 2 ROLL Recovery Stickers
  • 2 SOS Hydration Drink Box of 10-5g (0.16oz) Coconut
  • 2 SOS Hydration Water Bottles
  • 2 SOS Hydration Technical Trucker Hats

Q & A with Laura Thweatt

  • Hometown: Durango, CO
  • Currently Living: Superior, CO
  • Race Distance(s): 5k/Marathon
  • Average milage per week? 80-100 (115-120 during a marathon block)
  • Favorite place to run: Eldorado Canyon
What's your recovery routine?
"My recovery routine is pretty simple, nothing too over the top or complicated. Fluids are essential post run and can be a great way to get instant replenishers and calories into my system without putting too much stress on my stomach. I start with a bottle of SOS and then compliment that with some type of protein, usually in a smoothie. I then attempt to stretch out and lightly roll any tight or achy areas. If I'm especially beat up I'll force myself into an ice bath. It hurts so good."
When do you usually stretch?
"I'll be honest, I'm not great at stretching... However it is something I'm trying to become better at, and I now do a series of dynamic rope stretching before I go out for each of my runs or workouts. I'm not going to lie it really does make a huge difference!"
Why do you use the StretchMat?
"I keep my StretchMat in the back of my car so when the moment strikes after a run I can pull it out and get some light stretching in before hopping in the car and driving home. My hope is that if I know I have it with me I will stretch more... using it as motivation..."
Why do you drink SOS Hydration?
"I love SOS! I love it because it's simple hydration that replenishes the body quickly and effectively. It's light flavor makes it easy to drink without overhauling the body with unnecessary ingredients. It kept me alive in my first marathon and it continues to hydrate me through my second buildup. Like I said, I'm a huge fan."
What's your favorite SOS Hydration Flavor?
When do you drink SOS Hydration?
"I drink SOS in the morning when I wake up before my run/workout, I use it during my long runs, I drink it immediately after my runs and even use it for casual hydration. It makes for a great travel buddy as well, as planes can be a huge dehydrater. (I'm making that a word)"