PRESS RELEASE: Introducing our StretchMat

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We believe in designing products for the health, comfort, and convenience of athletes everywhere. While we know most runners that carry around mats of some sort, we wanted to create a mat specifically designed for the athlete on the go.

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The StretchMat was specifically designed with the athlete in mind -- the larger shape, soft-touch surface and 4mm of padding provides the surface area and sweat proof design every athlete needs to get down to business with stretching and pre/post workout rituals. There's not always a comfortable place to stretch and get in core and rehab after a workout. Who wants to roll around in the dirt stretching?


For the Athlete On-the-Go

The mat folds nicely into a compact shape for easy travel. It fits into a larger backpack and comes with a safety strap to keep it securely folded while you're not using it.

Folding Instruction (without text)

This is what happens when we stretch in the dirt! With the StretchMat, there's no more dirty, uncomfortable or track-imprinted butts after stretching.

Tag us in your pictures after stretching on the ground to show places you REALLY needed a mat. Hashtag #TrackButt for a chance to be featured on our Instagram ;)


Read more details and purchase the StretchMat online here! We can't wait to see how you'll use this mat in your daily life. Don't forget to tag us before your mats with #TrackButt and with your mats using #StretchMat.

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