It's time to Dig even Deeper! - Hellen Obiri



It's time to Dig even Deeper!


Big running stars are lining up this weekend in NYC at the start line, including Hellen Obiri, an elite runner from Kenya that has been rising with the sun in our backyard - Boulder, Colorado.


She is well known for her Track & Field accomplishments from 1500m to 10,000m, and her blazing fast half marathon 1:04:22!


Now, coached by Dathan Ritzenhein, alongside the On Athletics Club - she is ready and excited to surprise the crowd with her marathon debut.


Let's Go Hellen!

Let's go Runners!

It's time to #DigDeeper!


"ROLL Recovery has been helping me a lot to recover after my training and before my training... So it's my time to go and see how the marathon will be in my future." - Hellen Obiri


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