PRESS RELEASE: Introducing our R3


Introducing the New R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller

The time has come! We’re so happy to announce the arrival of our newest product, the R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller— specifically designed to help prevent some of the most common foot injuries in runners and other endurance athletes. We’ve been doing our best to get the R3 to you for the holidays and we’re so excited to launch on Black Friday with 15% off with promo code R3FOOTROLLER. Use the code in checkout for 15% off today—Monday 11/30. Aj1TeMns0+YBAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC-1

R3 Development

Three years ago, we officially launched the product that we had been working on for over a year to help runners of all levels recover faster and more efficiently. The R8 has made its way to elite athletes all over the world since we began, and we’ve received incredible feedback of the effect it has had on the athlete lifestyle.

We’ve been working on the R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller for around a year, perfecting the design with feedback from elite athletes and Physical Therapists to ensure that the R3, like the R8, is exceptionally designed for exceptional athletes.


The R3 Can Help:

Relieve Muscle Soreness

Deep Tissue Massage

Stimulate Blood Circulation

Reduce Recovery Time

Features of the R3:

  • Shaped to target different areas of the Plantar Fascia
  • Captures the inside, outside and center of the foot
  • Also works great as small compact body roller
  • Soft-touch surface has just the right amount of friction
  • Compact, light weight makes the R3 easy to travel


Co-Founders Adriana and Jeremy Nelson are both runners and enthusiastic contributors to the running community. Jeremy, with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Product Creation, combines his love of running and design to create each exceptionally designed product. Adriana has been an elite marathoner for over a decade, and currently trains in Mammoth Lakes, CA in pursuit of making the 2016 Olympic team.

Combined with a small team of like-minded runners in Boulder, CO, the ROLL Recovery team collaborates ideas on a daily basis to try to improve the lifestyles of athletes everywhere with similar goals: health and an unrelenting desire to be better at any sport they pursue.

Thank you for all of your support the last 3 years, we're so happy to be apart of your community!