R8 Plus - Marquis Bowden


“I really love the R8 Plus before and after because it breaks down, gets you warmed up, get that blood flowing and right away I instantly felt just that, those effects. Again, as you guys see I couldn’t stop using it. I just wanted to use it so much because again it just has that effect on you. Which is amazing. It’s what we need. The adjustability in the R8 Plus was actually fantastic. Again, if it’s too much you can always lighten it up. If it’s too little you can tighten it right away too. Finding the perfect balance. Loved it. Absolutely loved it.”

- Marquis Bowden

Marquis is a cyclist, 2 hour 39 minute marathoner, model, hard worker and loves to help others. He was born in Carson, raised in Compton and now living/training in Boulder, CO.

The new R8 Plus

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and designed the next evolution of R8. Dial in the perfect amount of deep tissue massage force with the adjustment dial. With a patented integrated mechanism hidden in the frame we designed the R8 Plus to be easy to use, reliable, and built with the highest quality of materials. Use the adjustment dial to reduce or increase the force as needed for the perfect feel.

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