2015 The Running Event

The Running Event holds a special place in our heart. It was our first big show when we began in 2012, and we've always enjoyed meeting new retailers and catching up with current ones. This year, we had a special new product (the R3 Foot Roller!) and we wanted to do our best to design a booth to showcase it.

To bring our A-game booth to TRE 2015 with the R3, we constructed our booth in the weekend (and night) prior to making the long drive from Boulder, CO to Austin, TX. Everyone in the office put their best foot forward to make the design just what we had imagined. Somehow, with the help of some coffee and a big trip to IKEA, it all came together flawlessly!

Here are a few photos of our trip and the booth we are so proud of. It was a fantastic experience as always! And of course, it always feels good to make our way into some new stores across the country. Look out for the R3 and R8 in new states!




IMG_8306 Founder, Jeremy Nelson, with Olympic Silver Medalist and ROLL ambassador, Leo Manzano.
IMG_8317 About to ship off on a 15+ hour drive to Texas! We drove immediately from TRE to San Antonio to make the San Antonio Rock 'N' Roll.



San Antonio (not pictured) is a beautiful city with some of the best food on the planet. We loved seeing some great races and catching up with old friends and retailers along the way. Until next time, Texas!