ROLL Recovery x ElliptiGO x Neely Spence Gracey

ROLL Recovery, ElliptiGO and Neely Spence Gracey are excited to share we’re collaborating on one epic giveaway. You could win over $3,000 in prizes!


How To Enter 


1. Click this LINK to enter your email address and phone number.

2. Bonus if you follow @rollrecovery, @elliptigo_usa and @neelysgracey on Instagram.


What You Could Win

Grand Prize
($3,468.00 USD value) 
2. ElliptiGO 8C.
 3. Autographed copy of Neely Spence Gracey’s book, Breakthrough Women’s Running.
($210.00 USD value) 
2. ElliptiGO Trucker Hat.
3. Autographed copy of Neely Spence Gracey’s book, Breakthrough Women’s Running.




Starts Thursday, September 29th
Ends Wednesday, October 26th


    Let’s ROLL, RIDE, and READ!

    “I’ve been a long time user of the ROLL Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Roller, having had every model since the OG I shouldn't be, but am continually surprised by the upgrades of each model... this tool is made right and is made so customizable that it is the perfect tool for your recovery box!”

    “Hands down the ROLL Recovery R1 Percussion is the best massage gun I have used, so quiet, cute and compact, perfect little organizing case, and a variety of attachments to maximize your use!”
    “At first I thought, "just another foam roller" but it's not. The ROLL Recovery R4 Deep Tissue Body Roller exceeded my expectations, doesn't breakdown like other foam rollers, and is a key part of my pre-run routine!"

    “My feet have been my down fall over the years, having tried many different foot rollers, I am a big fan of the ROLL Recovery R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller and it hits all the spots just right!”

    “I keep one in the car and one in the gym, the ROLL Recovery StretchMat is so much better than a yoga mat for me... more cushioned, bigger, and great for on the go!”
    “I remember the first ride on the ElliptiGO, in 2012, and it was groundbreaking! I feel so blessed to have found this tool so early into my career as a pro athlete. I have utilized my ElliptiGO 8C in many different ways over the past decade, and guess what, it is still in great shape and GO-ing strong. From a lesser impact cross training option to compliment my running, to hammering sessions on the trainer in my garage while my kids nap, to a support tool as I rebuilt my body after knee surgery, the ElliptiGO has been a part of my fitness journey.”
    "Breakthrough Women's Running is written just for you! A runner who has goals and needs a plan to achieve them. In her trademark fun, upbeat style, professional running and coach Neely Spence Gracey will set you up for success with an inside look at her own story in the sport - paired with science, experience, strategies, and insights that have worked for her and countless other female runners who set challenging goals and achieved them.

    Told with engaging storytelling and packed with colorful images and practical recommendations to improve your running, Breakthrough Women's Running offers 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, and run/walk training plans to suit your current distance or pacing goals. With the strength and mobility workouts included in the plans, you don't have to wonder where and how to fit in these important - but often overlooked - components of a successful running training program. Learn how to breathe in rhythm and focus your training and performance with mantras and mindfulness exercises. Get specific guidance on how to best manage unique challenges that women confront, like training while also raising a family. Know how to train to prevent injury as well as how to return to running should an injury occur. And, fuel your training with five simple recipes that are nutrient dense for your body's needs and simple to prepare.

    You'll hear from well known, successful women runners such as Sara Hall and Nell Rojas on how even elite runners experience highs and lows in their training, as well as how they, themselves, overcame obstacles to reach their goals. You'll also find Breakthrough Goals - small, tangible actions that you can apply in your own training that target specific obstacles to overcome. 

    If you're looking for a strategic and progressive approach to help you break through your physical or mental barriers to more successful and fulfilling running, you've found it with Breakthrough Women's Running."