ROLL Recovery x Tinman Elite

We’ve created a LIMITED EDITION Custom R8 with Tinman Elite!

The team spent some time in the ROLL Recovery HQ and put their unique style on a Custom R8, including handwritten graphics, laser engraved Tinman logos and even real gold plated hardware. It is certainly the most unique build we’ve done. Retail Price - $150.00.

2021 Scottsdale, AZ Trainning Camp - Sam Parsons 2021 Scottsdale, AZ Trainning Camp - Sam Parsons

Tinman Elite was born in Boulder in 2017.

“We are not a group, social movement, or track club. We are a team that pushes and cares for each other in pursuit of establishing ourselves as one of the most respected and recognized running teams in the world. One of our many team goals is to have ten runners competing for spots on the line in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

“Tinman Elite has proven to the running world they can do it their way, with a unique style and flavor we’ve never seen before in distance running. We’re very happy to be partnering with them on the Tinman Elite Custom R8.”

- Jeremy Nelson

ROLL Recovery Founder

"ROLL Recovery is an industry leader, producing the most effective and innovative recovery tools on the market. It was a joy to work together on this collaboration, empower our athletes’ creativity, and partner with a local company right here in Boulder."

- Sam Parsons

Tinman Creative Direction

Behind the Scenes at ROLL Recovery HQ

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