Stay on Track. Dig Deeper! - Austin Miller

Stay on Track. Dig Deeper!

Meet Austin Miller – Tinman Elite’s newest member. Austin’s a native South Dakotan – a rather unlikely heritage for a professional runner. He spent his youth on the soccer field but transitioned to the oval at the end of his high school career. A walk-on turned decorated Division II athlete; Austin is looking to continue his success in the big league. When he’s not moving his legs, you can find Austin writing, planning his next big idea, or watching the latest HBO hit, and if it’s Sunday, on the couch supporting the Minnesota Vikings. Austin’s favorite product is the R1 – he enjoys its size, style, strength, and versatility... He takes it nearly everywhere he goes.

"For me, recovery is huge. Sleep and stretching is a key part of racing fast. A big part of everything is just consistency - doing stretching, rolling out, making sure I'm getting my fluids in.Just taking care of myself so I can rebound the next day.” - Austin Miller

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