Okay runners, now is your chance to get outside and blast eight kilometers or as we are calling it, the ROLL Recovery R8k Challenge! Join the Challenge Hopefully you’ve been keeping your miles up and are feeling fit. Or for some of you, you’ve been doing quite a bit of pedaling this summer but haven’t tied on the ol’ running shoes in a while. And if you have been stuck indoors and haven’t found the motivation to step out in the summer heat, now is your chance to test yourself with a five miler (8k). And don’t worry about how fast (or slow) you are, we just love to see people getting out there and testing themselves. So login or sign up for Strava and let’s get this party started. It just so happens that Strava is one of our favorite training aids and have been addicted to it ever since we tried it for the first time about two years ago. So we couldn’t be happier to partner with them for this Challenge. The ROLL Recovery R8k Challenge will start August 1st and conclude August 7th. So get ready!


In addition to the ROLL Recovery R8k Challenge, we are hosting a contest on Twitter and Instagram and giving away five R8s. Yes, that is correct, FIVE R8’s to our Twitter and Instagram followers of @ROLLrecovery. Use the tag #rollrecoveryR8k demonstrating why you need help recovering, your favorite running view, what motivates you before or after a run or basically anything you think we’ll get a kick out of. You can start tagging your photos now! On August 8th, we’ll select the five photos that stood out and send them a ROLL Recovery R8. Simple as that. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too! Have a great time and good luck!

*** #rollrecoveryR8k photo contest update***

There were so many great photos we almost couldn't decide. We thought six is a much better number than five so we are giving out six R8s to the lucky people below. The winners are:

"It's getting gummy at 14,000 feet" by Cameron Moore. These gummy bears have the best view in the world. "Running an 8k with three children" by @Foreknox He's a teacher, scientist, triathlete, father and it sounds like his wife is just as busy! He deserves an R8. "Morning run in a Eucalyptus Forrest" by Adamsenatori. Thanks for making all of us here extremely jealous for what looks like one of the best running trails in the world. "Happy Faces" by Lexibhoffman. Who doesn't smile looking at this face? Pure joy.... "Family sprints on the coast in Honolulu, Hawaii" by Neessa Cappolla @fitneessa. This is actually a video! Watch it at the link below. Yes, we know, it was supposed to be a "photo" contest, but we bent the rules a little because who wouldn't want to run in this part of the world? And we felt we MUST show you. :) "Altitude training" by Gbarrio. He deserves an R8 for dedicating his life to the sports we love. And for reminding us to get outside and go run! Plus it is a great picture.

Thank you all for participating in the ROLL Recovery R8k Challenge on Strava and for the amazing, inspiring, and awesome photos. We hope you all are staying fit, healthy and having fun.