GIVEAWAY: What's your most memorable race photo?

What's your most memorable race photo? We've been inspired by all these Fall Marathons and would love to hear your story!

How do I submit my race photo?

  1. Post your race photo on your social media.
  2. Tag @rollrecovery & hashtag #DigDeeper.
  3. Explain why this is your most memorable race photo.
  4. Submit by November 5th 2017.

What's in it for you?

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Our ROLL Recovery Team's most memorable race photos:

TeamJeremy Nelson / Founder Chicago Marathon Chicago, IL 2009 Because I learned it's a lot harder than it looks. My sub 2:30 goal turned into 2:39. Team2Adriana Nelson / Co-Founder Chicago Marathon Chicago, IL 2007 I love it because it was an incredible experience to me. This photo shows “shock and craziness missing the 1st place in the last 30m but grateful at the same time.” Team5Matt Hensley / Sales Manager Walt Disney Marathon Orlando, FL January 2013 My whole family raced and competed in the same marathon. Team4Nuta Olaru / Quality Control Manager + Events Mt. Evans Ascent Pike Peak, CO 2014 In this picture was the most beautiful view at the finish line. It was my first mountain race, which I won and team USA spot to participate in WMRA, USATF’s Mountain Ultra Trail Runners of the Year, Women’s Master Mountain Runner of the Year 2014. Team6Andy Wacker / General Opperations Manager + Events Rock and Roll Denver Denver, CO 2014 I messed up the race start time, showed up as the race was starting! But, kept my composure, and won the race! Team7Martin Medina / Quality Control + Events Colorado Rocky Mountain Cross Country Shootout Boulder, CO 2012 Ran the whole way with a great teammate, battled it out till the very end and could have broken the 25min barrier but I ran out of juice. Team3Tracy Ann Koch / Marketing Manager NYC Marathon New York City, NY November 2013 I never thought I'd run a marathon and I'm not sure I really want to run one again. I do know that it meant the world to me when I saw my whole family on the side line on 1st Ave.