Remember Emily Infeld's performance at the 2015 IAAF World Championships?! After 25 laps running against the fastest 10k women in the world, Emily Infield crossed the finish line in a 3rd place spot that shocked everyone, including herself.
infeldflagbeijing15crop August 24, 2015. Emily's Bronze finish at the IAAF World Championships.
This successful moment was one of surprise, but was also the product of much hard work and perseverance in the face of injury early in her professional running career. Emily had a successful college career at Georgetown, where she became 3000m NCAA champion and was All-American 10 times in events from Cross Country to 1500m—5000m on the track.
Yet making the transition to pro seemed difficult and at times, tiring. She had faced injury after joining Bowerman Track Club under coach Jerry Schumaker in 2013 (alongside 1st & 2nd place Olympic Trials finishers, Shalane Flanagan and Amy Cragg), taking to the pool for hours a day to recover from 2 stress fractures.
Her recovery and cross training was successful in keeping some fitness, and only a few months after her first steps back running, Emily had accomplished the large feat of qualifying for the 2015 IAAF Championships by placing 3rd at the U.S Championships, then surprised many with her Bronze medal finish in a time of 31:43.49.
American's post 10k August 24, 2015. Shalane Flanagan, Emily Infeld and Molly Huddle await results. Emily finished with a Bronze in the 10k.
What is Emily's favorite tough workout? How does she get motivated to complete it? How does she recover? Here are all the answers:
Favorite motivational quote:
“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s motivation" - Tommy Lasorda
Favorite hard workout:
Tempo and some fast reps of 400s/800s
What do you feel it benefits?
It helps aerobic fitness with the tempo and then works on speed when you're tired. Helps to simulate a race, trying to run fast and shift pace off tired legs.
When do you enjoy this workout?
I like this when I'm done haha. It's hard during the whole workout. But I feel like because it hurts I'm getting good benefit.
infeld_profile Emily placed 2nd at the USA 5k Championships in 2013.
Do you feel best doing the workout alone, or with teammates?
I do best with teammates, helps keep me on pace as I feel responsible for their workouts as well as mine. It also helps to keep you from staying motivated if you're hurting, knowing that you have teammates there to push you (especially in the days when it's not your day, hard training ebbs and flows, you will have bad days and this is when I am so thankful to have teammates).
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.41.04 AM
Should other runners try this workout at home?
I think all runners should try this type of workout, you can cater it to your ability but it's great be used it works aerobic and anaerobic systems.
What do you do to recover and prepare for your next workout?
Good food and sleep are the best recovery, but I also love Epsom salt baths and my new hyperice vibrating foam roller.
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