The R3 Foot Roller was designed to help alleviate plantar fasciitis by stretching the intrinsic foot muscles surrounding the plantar fascia. BUT there are many other uses for this small and versatile tool! Here are 3 of our favorites (and a preview of our upcoming StretchMat- to be released this Spring)!



Tight glutes can cause a string of issues in the surrounding areas (hips) and refer pain/tightness to the rest of the legs. Loosen up your glutes by rolling the larger end of the R3 on sore spots; you can also find a tight spot and sit on the R3 for 1-2 minutes to help release it.



The contours of the R3 fit perfectly to dig into tight muscles surrounding the spine in the upper and lower back. Place the R3 on a sore spot and lay with whatever amount of body weight feels tolerable to loosen up tight spots (Cyclists love this one, so we hear!) The R3 fits well into small spots around the shoulders and even the neck.



This not-extremely-happy facial expression properly captures the feeling of rolling out extremely tight calves. All the more reason to roll your calves more often! The R3 fits nicely around the shape of your calves, and can help you target tight spots to increase flexibility.

Get the R3 here.

Enjoy. :)