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They make badass running sunglasses that speak to the 4 Fs: Fun, Fashionable, Functional, Ffordable. No one wearing goodrs has been attacked by a leopard... yet. Starts Monday, March 26th and ends Saturday, March 31st 2018 11:59 PM MST. HOW DO YOU ENTER TO WIN?
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The Badass Ginger Runner
  • Hometown: Chaska, MN
  • Currently Living: Broomfield, CO
  • Birthday: May 24, 1988
  • Favorite Color: Black
HOW DID YOU GET INTO RUNNING? I played soccer growing up and started running in the off season to stay sharp. I immediately fell in love with the freedom of the endless roads and being able to just go. No boundaries. I was hooked on the purity of it. I said bye to soccer and joined the cross country and track teams. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO GET OUT THE DOOR EVERYDAY? Exploration of the world and myself. Running takes me to some of the most beautiful places but it also lets me test my limits. The feeling of pouring your heart and soul into a goal and giving your everything is the realest feeling there is. I’m motivated to see how far I can go in this crazy sport of running. And there’s only one way to achieve that: hard work and making moves! FAVORITE PLACE TO RUN IN BOULDER, CO: Eldorado Canyon FAVORITE RUNNING WORKOUT: Marathon simulation long runs. Hurts so good!! FAVORITE GYM WORKOUT: Anything that focuses on the entire body. I do structured gym sessions twice a week with my team and I’d have to say, single leg RDLs and body-saws are my jam. FAVORITE RECOVERY TOOL: Roll Recovery R3! WHEN DO YOU USUALLY USE THE R3? In the morning before I head to practice with the Boulder Track Club High Performance Team and after runs to help minimize stiffness and muscle tension. WHAT BENEFITS DO YOU FIND FROM USING THE R3? The R3 is easy to toss in a gym bag and pack along for travel to races. It’s my go to tool for rolling out my muscles when I’m sore and tight. I use it daily in my stretching routine and it’s great for any trigger point-from the glutes down to my feet. FAVORITE SUNGLASSES: Goodr knocks it out of the park for best active sunglass. WHEN DO YOU USUALLY USE GOODR SUNGLASSES? On sunny runs, the dance floor… obviously, grocery shopping, and at work when I can’t be bothered. WHAT BENEFITS DO YOU FIND FROM USING GOODR SUNGLASSES? Actually looking good in running sunglasses! So good, in fact, I’ll wear them anywhere. And of course, they help protect my ginger blue eyes from the sun while hammering miles! HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE GOODR - A GINGERS SOUL? Total bad ass and all powerful. RANDOM FUN FACT: When I’m not running, I can be found painting or drinking golden milk lattes. FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you're going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is.” - Bukowski SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @briawetsch


The Fearless Mountain Yeti
  • Hometown: Granite Bay, CA
  • Currently Living: Broomfield, CO
  • Birthday: September 12th, 1993
  • Favorite Color: Hazel
HOW DID YOU GET INTO RUNNING? I was introduced to the running community when I met Bria. Soon after I found running to be a valuable tool in my own crazy climbing adventures. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO GET OUT THE DOOR EVERYDAY? At first, I just wanted to be able to keep up with Bria. Now it’s all about being able to move fast through the mountains, plus it’s a great way to start the day! FAVORITE PLACE TO RUN IN BOULDER, CO: Chataqua Park is a great place to start any trail run. It has the mesa trail for long runs, access to the flatirons for steep climbing, or green mountain for some peak repeats. FAVORITE RUNNING WORKOUT: The Boulder Skyline Traverse is one of my favorite runs around Boulder. It’s amazing to be able to access such a classic route right on the edge of town. It climbs Sanitas, Flagstaff, Green Mtn, Bear and South Boulder Peak which makes for an amazing long run with lots of vertical. FAVORITE GYM WORKOUT: 6-minute plank and 6-minute lunge circuit FAVORITE RECOVERY TOOL: Roll Recovery’s R3! WHEN DO YOU USUALLY USE THE R3? I use the R3 on my feet and calves and hamstrings before every run and after hard workouts. WHAT BENEFITS DO YOU FIND FROM USING THE R3? The ability for the R3 to function as a roller or as a deep tissue tool, and its convenient size, make for a one of a kind tool to help mobilize AND release soft tissue anywhere any time. FAVORITE SUNGLASSES: You can’t beat Goodr Sunglasses. WHEN DO YOU USUALLY USE GOODR SUNGLASSES? I pretty much wear these things anytime of day, just because everything looks that much more awesome through them and so do I! WHAT BENEFITS DO YOU FIND FROM USING GOODR SUNGLASSES? The polarized lenses help in any kind of bright light, and they look way better than most active polarized glasses. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE GOODR - ICED BY YETIS SUNGLASSES? Like a beast! RANDOM FUN FACT: I am aspiring to be an orthopedic surgeon. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Wisdom begins in wonder” - Socrates SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @langeclimbs