R8 Plus - Ashlee Anderson


“So I think that the R8 Plus is going to cater to a wider variety of people. I think that recreational runner, that runner that’s just getting started it’s a little bit less intense. It gives you more variety for how intense you want it that day or how intense you need it that day. The flexibility of being able to change the tension will allow more people to use it.”

- Ashlee Anderson

Ashlee is the "Boss Lady" and Co-founder of Shoes and Brews, runner, wife and mother to Harper and Evelyn.

The new R8 Plus

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and designed the next evolution of R8. Dial in the perfect amount of deep tissue massage force with the adjustment dial. With a patented integrated mechanism hidden in the frame we designed the R8 Plus to be easy to use, reliable, and built with the highest quality of materials. Use the adjustment dial to reduce or increase the force as needed for the perfect feel.

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